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Inter – House Art & Craft Exhibition

“ Art is not imitation and it can not be taught to anyone. It is an expression of who you are”

To discover the undiscovered talents and innovative students, an Inter- House Art and Craft exhibition was organized on 19th May, 2018. The objective of the Exhibition was to bring forth the innate skills and hone the creative genius of the students. All the artifacts on display were the handiwork of the students which were made from indigenous products as jute, paper, beads etc. There were corners in the exhibition attributed to art, jewellery, glass painting, fabric, organic, best out of waste. It got an overwhelming response both by the children as well as by the guardians. Through these competitions students learn to explore the extent of their imagination and express themselves without any fear. Some of young artists of our school, who are too young to even understand the meaning of life, have achieved the greater levels of creativity and refinement . The exhibition was highly appreciated by the honourable guests Sh. Harinder Kataria, Chairman School and Mrs. Radha Kataria, Director School. They admired the creative talent of students and teachers. The beautiful Match Stick Art , Candle Stand , paintings and art work left the spectators mesmerized. Various art work like paper pasting, clay modeling, thumb impression, stamp printing, rangoli, glass painting , Use Me Bin ,Tissue Paper Holder, Pen Holder, Piggy Bank, Wind Chimes, Rabbit Mask & attractive models made of recycled goods were on display. The students used innovative and eco-friendly ways to make use of waste items like ice cream sticks for Photo Frames.

Principal Mr. Sanjeev Bhardwaj appreciated the efforts of Art Teacher , all House Co-ordinators, Wings Co-ordinators , teachers & all participating students for their efforts. He congratulated them for organising such a wonderful exhibition and arranging the artwork in the most attractive manner. He said that children are a treasure of hidden talents and new ideas and organising such events give them opportunity to showcase such talents. He further mentioned that such events inspire the young students to improve & build their creative ability which in turn helps them in their academic development in many ways.

The response to the exhibition was simply overwhelming as the parents not only praised the students work and efforts but also bought the handcrafted items made by them.

Winner of Art & Craft Exhibition was ‘ Creative House’ while ‘Face Painting Competition’ was won by ‘Constructive House’.